Building capacity through conferences, training and journals for a future of innovation and wisdom.

Learning in Geography, Humanities, Technology and Science (LIGHTS) has been working since 2003. LIGHTS believes that scientific education with a keen understanding of data is the key to knowledge and wisdom. It has brought technical education, such as Geospatial Information System (GIS), Automatic Weather Station (AWS) and Air Quality training to the doorstep of many schools and colleges helping build capacity. High level scientists have participated in putting together these training making it a state-of-the-art event.

Building capacity through conferences, training and journals for a future of innovation and wisdom.
  • The Parliamentary and Administrative Research Institute (PARI) holds training of senior government officials;
  • The Polar think-tank Science and Geopolitics of Himalaya - Arctic - Antarctic (SaGHAA) is housed which organises a bi-annual conference of global repute by the same name, apart from writing reports and papers on polar issues; and
  • Publishes a high-quality ISSN and RNI accredited journal Geography and You and Bhugol aur Aap in Hindi with nearly a million readers and a good subscription base

SaGHAA 2020

Science and Geo-politics of Himalaya, Arctic and Antarctic (SaGHAA) is a think tank operating under the umbrella of LIGHTS. Its first event was held in 2011. It organizes a bi-annual conference on policy, research and advocacy initiatives in the three poles in New Delhi. It is the only initiative of its kind in India and sees participation from various international and governmental organizations every year. Many research cooperations, programmes and collaborations at national and international levels have been forged in the backdrop of SaGHAA. Its upcoming event is on September 18-19, 2020.

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SaGHAA V 2019

SaGHAA V 2019 focused on Technological Innovations and Research Expeditions to the three poles.

SaGHAA IV 2017

SaGHAA IV 2017 talked about Climate Change and its effect on the world.

SaGAA III 2015

SaGHAA III 2015 introduced a discussion on the Himalayan cryosphere along with advocacy for the two poles.

SaGAA II 2012

SaGAA II 2012 saw international participation which became integral to the subsequent chapters of the conference thereafter.

SaGAA I 2011

SaGAA I 2011 began with mission of entwining science with geopolitics, the first ever of its kind.


International Training at Melbourne, Australia

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Parliamentary and Administrative Research Institute (PARI) under the aegis of LIGHTS trains bureaucrats and officials from the Indian government and the public sector in particular. PARI has been working very closely with officials of the Indian Parliament and the Indian government for the past two years. Its core competencies lie in a deep understanding of the functioning of the Indian Parliament and Government. It has trained officials from more than 100 governmental bodies and institutions in a very short duration which testifies the effectiveness of PARIs programmes.

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International Management Course

on Sea Transportation and Logistics (London), For Officers of Shipping Industry and Sea Transportation Logistics of India On Turnkey Basis

A Customised Course

on Training in Anti-Corruption in a Parliamentary Democracy (New Delhi + London) for officers of Autonomous Bodies and PSUs under the Central Government

International programme

on Leadership For Mental Health System Development (Melbourne, Australia) for Officers of Govt. Of India, Autonomous Health Institutions and State Governments

International training for Geography teachers

n collaboration with Geography and You and Royal Geographical Society, London for 23rd to 28th March 2020 New Delhi+London, the UK


Geography and You

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Geography and You

Geography and You is India’s best environmental and development fortnightly with a readership of about a million. It is a peer reviewed journo-magazine with a rigorous focus on publishing original research. It was started in 2001 with the mandate of creating a platform to make leading scientific and semi-scientific reading, accessible to the general reader. It is one of India’s foremost multidisciplinary publications with a vast selection of varied thematic issues.

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