Sh. S. Bal Shekar

Former Secretary General, Lok Sabha

Shri S. Bal Shekar has a rich experience of 33 years in the Administrative/ Executive/ Legislative/ Committee services in the Indian Parliament including being Chief of Protocol and Conference Branch involving event management and visits to various countries on conference duty as Secretary to Parliamentary delegations. He has rendered advice on various matters of Parliamentary practice and procedure to the Hon’ble Speaker and to the Lok Sabha. Being the head of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, he has handled all aspects of administrative work of the Secretariat consisting of about 3000 employees. He has been a permanent faculty member of the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, which is an institution under the Lok Sabha imparting training to members of parliament, speakers and officers of parliament from various countries all over the world. He has organized several international and national level conferences on parliamentary matters, apart from organizing various ceremonies and functions in the Central Hall of Parliament including arrangements for addresses by international dignitaries such as the U.S. President, etc.

Senior Vice President

Dr. Rasik Ravindra

Former Director, NCPOR, Goa

Formerly Director, ESSO- National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), Goa and Member, UN, CLCS. Holding the position of the Director of NCPOR (formerly NCPOR) between 2006 and 2012 after relinquishing the post of Deputy Director-General in Geological Survey of India, Ravindra is a veteran Antarctican. He has led the Ninth Antarctic Expedition in 1989-91, visiting the icy continent in 1987-88,1996-97, 2003-04, 2007 and 2009-10 in various capacities. Ravindra has also led the first Indian Expedition to the South Pole, the first Indian Arctic Expedition apart from expeditions to Higher Himalaya in Bhutan. He was Chairman of the DST Programme Monitoring Committee on “Dynamics of Himalayan Glaciers from 2007 to 2012 and was appointed Chair, Panikkar Professor in October 2012 by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. Ravindra has served as a Member of the UN Commission on Limits of Continental Shelf for the term 2014-2017 as also the Secretary General of the 36th International Geological Congress 2019-2020. He has received National Award for Polar Sciences and Cryosphere, 2013, National Mineral Award- 1990, Antarctic Award- 2002, H. N. Siddiqui Gold Medal from IGU in 2011, Prof Prem Bahadur Verma Memorial Lecture award, Prof R C Mishra Memorial Gold Medal 2017 and Dr WD West Oratory Award, 2018 and LifeTime Achievement Award from the Paleontological society of India.

Vice President

Dr. Sachidanand Sinha

Senior Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Dr. Sinha is a Professor and Chairperson at Centre for Studies in Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His area of research broadly included Social geography and geography of well Being; tribal and rural studies; research on socially marginalized sections with respect to access to health and education. He has been awarded Bhugol Bhushan Award, by Deccan Geography in 2013.

Secretary General

Ms. Sulagna Chattopadhyay

Founder Editor, G’nY Magazine

Ms. Sulagna Chattopadhyay is known for internationally reputed journo-magazine on environment and development titled ‘Geography and You’, (G'nY) that she founded in 2001. An M.Phil. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, she has published 123 issues of the magazine so far. She is also a founding President of an NGO, Learning in Geography, Humanities, Technology and Science (LIGHTS) and has been organising national and international conferences/seminars, notable among these are: Round table conclave on seas and oceans around India, National Conference on Science & Geopolitics on Arctic and Antarctic (SaGAA) in 2011, SaGAA in 2012, SaGHAA in 2015, SaGHAA in 2017, SaGHAA in 2019 and SaGHAA Webinar in 2020. The LIGHTS has organised a multi-city GIS training programme for school teachers in seven locations under her leadership. She was nominated as the Member of the Working Group for Disaster Management in Planning Commission in 2011. She also won an Environmental Documentary Short Film Contest, STL- 2 : 2015 for her short film titled 'O Bhai Saab'. Sulagna has edited 13 books, prominent among them are 'the Scientific and Geopolitical Interests in Arctic and Antarctic' co-edited with Dr R Ramesh and Dr M Sudhakar in 2103 and the’ Science and Geopolitics of White World co-authored with Dr P S Goel and Dr Rasik Ravindra’ published by Springer in 2017 and Goel P.S., Ravindra R., and Chattopadhyay S., (eds.), 2019. Climate Change and the White World.


Dr. Narmadeshwar Prasad

Director, PARI Training Institute

Dr. Prasad is the founder Director of Parliamentary and Administrative Research Institute (PARI) in New Delhi. He has worked in different capacities in Rajya Sabha Secretariat for over 23 years. He has a vast experience in parliamentary procedures. He took VRS from his service in 2017 and founded Parliamentary and Administrative Research Institute (PARI) with a view to impart training to officers of the government, PSUs and Autonomous bodies under the central government. He has done M.A., M Phil and Ph.D. from the School of International Studies, Centre for International Politics, Organisation and Disarmament, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


Dr. B. Meenakumari

Former DDG, ICAR

Dr. B. Meenakumari has contributed immensely to the development of deep sea demersal trawls and towards improved material for lobster making traps—helping the traditional fishermen gain better economic returns. She has popularised new and cheaper materials like polypropylene and nylon monofilament for gill net fisheries in both inland and marine sector. She is responsible for research and development / policy support and decisions in the inland and marine fisheries sector, fish production from aquaculture and fishing industry in India. She commercialised combination of wire ropes for deep sea demersal trawls thus substituting import of the ropes. Dr Meenakumari is actively working to conserve resources for the sustainable development of Indian fisheries and is interested in impact assessment and environmental monitoring. She has worked on Ecobiology of Fouling and received a gold medal. She is the recipient of prestigious awards like the Young Scientist Award by Kerala State in 1989, Panjab Rao Desmukh Women Scientist Award 2002 instituted by ICAR, the Marie Curie Mahila Vijnana Puraskar, 2010, the Bhoominirman Award-2011, and Dr R. S. Paroda Gold Medal for outstanding contributions in Fisheries, 2012. She has published more than 180 articles in reputed national and international journals.

Dr M. Sudhakar

Former Director, Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, Kochi, Kerala

Dr M. Sudhakar has served two premier research institutions of the country—National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) & National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) in Goa, before taking charge of Director, CMLRE, Kochi. A veteran Oceanographer, he has occupied various positions such as project leader and scientist and has spent more than 1500 days at sea on-board research vessels, as leader of expeditions to Southern Ocean and Antarctica. He represented India at the Preparatory Commission for the United Nations Law of the Sea (PrepCom) and was an Elected Member of the Legal and Technical Commission (LTC) of the International Seabed Authority (ISBA) for the term 2007-2011 and (2012-16). Dr Sudhakar was also a member of Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR), ICSU, serving for second term until 2014. He was a visiting scientist to the Aachen University of Technology, Germany; a resource person of the International Ocean Institute, Malta; Member, National Steering Committee for Science and Astronomy Olympiads and Member, Scientific Committee, International Geological Congress (2020 to be held in India). He was the ‘Commissioner General’ of Govt. of India for the Yeosu (World) Expo 2012 held in Republic of Korea. He published over 60 research papers in referred International/National Journals, books and equal numbers presented in conferences and seminars.

Shri J. Vinod Kumar

Former Director, Policy & Coordination, Central Vigilance Commission

Shri J. Vinod Kumar recently retired as Director (Policy and Co-ordination) of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC),the apex anti- corruption institution of India. CVC is mandated under the CVC Act, 2003 for exercising superintendence over the Vigilance Administration and functioning of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Shri J. Vinod Kumar is a veteran with over 37 years of knowledge & experience in all aspects of Vigilance Administration and Anti-corruption policy and its implementation. In addition, he posses vast knowledge in review of existing practices,procedures, and assisted the CVC in devising fresh guidelines and advisories for the Central Govt. Departments, CPSEs, PSBs, PSICs, FIs and Autonomous Bodies etc.He has also served in the Corporate Vigilance setups of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (OÑGC) on deputation. He represented/ was part of Indian Delegation at various fora; UNODC for UNCAC meetings,G20 and BRICS Anti- corruption Working Group meetings, at OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, other International conferences etc. A regular faculty of CVC for induction trainings for Chief Vigilance Officers ( CVO) conducted by CVC, CBI etc., since 1998. Also, as faculty for other training institutes like ISTM, CBI Academy, National Police Academy and other training centres of CPSEs and Public Sector Banks on diverse areas of Vigilance Administration, Anti-Corruption matters, Service & Disciplinary matters.

Dr. Veenu Seth

Former Professor, Delhi University

Retired from Lady Irwin College, Department of Nutrition, Delhi University in September 2012. Presently a Nutrition Consultant. Also, Clinical Director (health Promotion) Special Olympics International. A major area of interest and specialization is Nutrition of Children with Disabilities. Other areas include Teaching, Research in Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional assessment, Diet & nutrition counselling, Community Outreach Programmes, Diet counselling and Workshops for parents in schools on Feeding & Nutrition of Children with special needs.

Dr. K.J. Ramesh

Former Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, Govt. of India

Dr K J Ramesh is the former Director General of Meteorology in India Meteorological Department. He obtained his Ph.D from IIT Delhi on Monsoon Dynamics and M.Sc. (Meteorology) from Andhra University. He specialized in Numerical Weather Prediction that includes hazard and climate risk assessment and early warning. He has worked on Model Diagnostics, Monsoon Dynamics and Disaster Mitigation Modelling. He was involved in Monsoon Research at IIT Delhi for 10 years followed by Group Head position in NCMRWF and Head Disaster management Unit of Government of Andhra Pradesh. In Ministry of Earth Sciences he was heading Atmospheric Science Services and Climate Change Research Programme Development before taking over as DGM, IMD. He is an elected Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences, elected Member of National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad and has more than 50 papers in peer reviewed journals to his credit.

Dr. Sarfaraz Alam

Professor, Benaras Hindu University

Sarfaraz Alam has a PhD in Political Geography from School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Presently, Dr. Alam is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has briefly served in IGNOU as a Reader in Geography (School of Sciences). Dr Alam has also worked in the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), New Delhi and JP University, Chapra (Bihar). His research interests include geopolitics, environmental conflict and security in South Asia and geography education. Presently, he is writing a book on the theme of Geography, Environment and National Security of Bangladesh to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K.