Data User’s Training/Workshop for Senior Secondary Teachers of NAGPUR (16-18 October, 2011)

Dr. Deepak Sarkar, Director, NBSS & LUP, Nagpur
Shri E Mohan Reddy, Head CSR, ONGC, Mumbai
• Dr. Dipak Sarkar, Director, NBSS & LUP, Nagpur
• Shri M. K. Jaiswal, Assistant Professorr, K.I.T.S
• Prof. Saraswati Raju, CSRD, JNU
• Dr. Rahul V. Ralegaonkar, Associate Professor, VNIT, Nagpur
• Dr. Smita Sengupta, Senior Scientist, IIT Bombay
• Dr. G. P. Obi Reddy, Sr. Scientist & In–charge, GIS Section, NBSS & LUP, Nagpur
• Mrs. Sulagna Chattopadhyay, President, LIGHTS; Editor, Geography and You.
No. of teachers trained- 55
No. of students/others- 40
• 1 Bag
• 1 Folder
• 1 Pen
• Itinerary of “National Level Data Users’ Seminar”.
• Handbook I- GIS and GPS
• Handbook II- Disaster Management and Issues related to Women and Children.
• Handbook III- Renewable Energy
• DVD comprising- 1. GIS manual, 2. QGIS programme, 3. The 3 handbooks, 4. A mapping book published by DST.
• Akshay Urja, G n Y and Bhugol Aur Aap Magazines.
• Calendars
• Feedback Forms
• Participation Certificates duly signed by Chairman, Capacity Building Committee, NRDMS, DST, Govt. of India
• Relieving Certificate duly signed by the Convenor.
• GIS Lab Work- Dr. Smita Sengupta
• Renewable Energy in Maharashtra: Shri. Vikas Dabadhe
• GPS Training at Putala Lake with Dr. G. P. Obi Reddy, Mrs. Sulagna Chattopadhyay.
• GIS Training- Dr. Smita Sengupta.
• Concepts of Map and Fundamentals of GIS • Hardware and Software- Proprietary : Dr. S. Sengupta.
• Production of Biogas and its Utilisation: Shri M. K. Jaiswal.
• Concepts of Remote Sensing & GPS: Dr. Smita Sengupta & Dr. G. P. Obi Reddy.
• Green Building Design Development: Dr. Rahul Ralegaonkar.
• Renewable Energy in School Education : Sulagna Chattopadhyay
• Gender Sensitisation: Dr. Saraswati Raju
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