Data User’s Training/Workshop for Senior Secondary Teachers of MYSORE  (28 – 30 August 2012)

Dr. S.N. Barman, Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
Dr. G Vijayasarathi, Assistant Director (Admin), Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
• Dr. Smita Sengupta, Professor, IIT, Mumbai • Dr. M. S. Ganesh Prasad, Professor, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore • Sulagna Chattopadhyay, President LIGHTS, Editor, Geography and You • Shri Prakash Rao, External Faculty, Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) • Shri Dinesh Kumar, Engineer, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL)
• Shri V S Baskar, External Faculty, Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)
• Mr. Mool Chand Bhaskar, Deputy Director, Ministry of Statsistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI)
• Dr. Krishne Gowda, Professor, University of Mysore
• Dr. M. Mahesha, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Mysore
• Dr. H. Chandrasekhar, Prof. Statistics, Project Planning and Monitoring Cell, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
No. of teachers trained- 60
No. of students/others- 40
• 1 Bag
• 1 Folder
• 1 Pen
• Itinerary of “National Level Data Users’ Seminar”.
• Handbook I- GIS and GPS
• Handbook II- Mapping Renewable Energy.
• Handbook III- Renewable Energy Activities for Childern
• Handbook IV- Relevance of Social Statistics.
• Handbook V- Exercise book of GIS
• DVD comprising- 1. GIS manual, 2. QGIS software, 5 handbooks, Previous presentations of all the Data User’s Seminar
• Feed back forms for teachers
• Feedback forms for students
• Exercise sheets for students
• Participation certificate and Relieving certificate.
• Concepts of Map : Dr. Smita Sengupta
• Concepts of GIS Data (Hardware & Software): Dr. Smita Sengupta.
• Basic concept of remote sensing : Dr. M. S. Ganesh Prasad
• Concepts of GPS: Dr. M. S. Ganesh Prasad
• Hands on training on GPS : Dr. M. S. Ganesh Prasad
• Introduction of Quantum GIS and hands on training: Dr. Smita Sengupta.
• Renewable energy in school education : Sulagna Chattopadhayay
• Energy conservation in India: Shri Prakash Rao
• Renewable energy and energy conservation in Indian scenario: Shri Dinesh Kumar
• Energy crisis in India: Shri V. S. Baskar
• Social statistics : Mr. Mool Chand Bhaskar
• Institutional greens- illustrations from city of Mysore : Dr. Krishne Gowda
• Application of statistics in economic analysis: Dr. M. Mahesha
• GUse of official statistics for quality analysis: Dr. H. Chandrasekhar
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